Asset Management Market Outlook & Trends

Thriving In The New Abnormal: North America Asset Management (PDF)

JP Morgan Guide To Markets

Morgan Stanley / Oliver Wyman – Wholesale Banks and Asset Managers – The World Turned Upside Down

GMO Stagnation (PDF)

Active Investing



Morgan Stanley An Outcomes-Oriented Approach to Alternatives (PDF) (February 2014)
Lisa Shalett

Passive Investing

BlackRock ETFs (PDF)

Pwc: ETFs Roadmap for Growth (PDF)

FTSE Russell

AI-CIO TOBAM – The False Equivalence Of Passive & Neutral (April 2015) (PDF)

Passive Management – The Perfect Oxymoron? (PDF)



Emerging Markets

Eaton Vance EM Debt: Emerging Markets Debt Opportunities Strategy (PDF)

Institutional Investor / OFI Fixed Income

William Blair EM Outlook: 2017 Emerging Markets Outlook (PDF)

Factor Allocation

MSCI: Bridging the Gap (PDF)

Scientific Beta (PDF)

Lean Management / Tech & Ops

The Fintech 2.0 Paper: Rebooting Financial Services (PDF)

George WilbanksTechnology/Operations Executives Must Adapt to Changing Times (PDF)

Money Management Executive: When Growth is Slow, Efficiency Means Profit (PDF) (November 2012)
Tom Steinert-Threlkeld reports on the lean management & operations efficiency panel organized by Wilbanks Partners for NICSA’s 2012 General Membership Meeting.

NICSA:  Words of Wisdom from the Masters of Lean (PDF) (October 2012)

Wikipedia:  Lean Management (PDF)

McKinsey & Company:  Lean Management — New Frontiers for Financial Institutions (PDF) (2011)


Industry Perspectives: Robert DeChellis, Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America. (June 2, 2014) (VIDEO)
DeChelli discusses the growth in fixed indexed annuity sales with IRI President & CEO Cathy Weatherford.

Defined Contribution Institutional Investment Association (DCIIA)

Insured Retirement Institute (IRI)
IRI Report Summary: Boomers May Be Two Separate Generations

Retirement Income Industry Association (RIIA)
Retirement Management Professional (RMA) Job Description (PDF)
RMA Curriculum Preface & Summary (PDF)
RMA Fourth Edition Curriculum is available here.


Behavioral Finance


Culture & Engagement