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The Stamford Downtown Special Services District, a Business Improvement District, was established in 1992.  Its mission is to manage, enhance and promote the Downtown experience.

Stamford Downtown offers a broad array of shops, restaurants, services, arts, education and events.

If you work here, live here or visit here, we invite you to browse our website and then come downtown often to be a part of the scene.
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Stamford Downtown shared Hey Stamford's album.1 week ago

Thanks Hey Stamford for the great shots from Brews on Bedford this past Saturday. The rain couldn't stop us from having fun and enjoying some awesome beer!
Save the Date for the next Brews on Bedford--October 14, tickets will go on sale soon!

Stamford Downtown
Stamford Downtown2 weeks ago

We do anticipate some no-shows, so we may allow some on-site sales later on in the day. Your best chance of getting in will be around 2:30-3.
Cash or credit card at the door. ($35)

Stamford Downtown
Stamford Downtown added 8 new photos to the album: Mother's Day Brunch Specials in Stamford Downtown.2 weeks ago
Stamford Downtown
Stamford Downtown2 weeks ago

IT'S HERE! Alive@Five & Wednesday Nite Live Lineup!

Lindsey Echevarria Kristen Nicole awww those days when we would meet there were so fun! Pretty decent line up this year.
Keila Riley GREAT LINE UP!!!!!!! Y'all outdid yourselves this year!
Erwin P. Capyouonoh Wow Wednesday lineup is awesome!
Carin Carlson great line up!!!
Courtney Zimmermann Meighan McNally I wanna see Rachel Platton!!!
Brent McKinley Wow!!! What a great lineup!!
Arianna Marie Alyssa Rose plain white tees! Look and the Gang for Ivette Aquilino and David Aquilino!!
Nora Blefari once again my daughter will be missing out this year because she's not 21 yet. and you get bands that kids under 21 like . How about get rid of the selling of alcohol altogether and make both nights instead of one night family friendly.
Molly Milot Omg Brianna Krissy Taryn Casey Ally
Rebecca Balian Kathryn Williams...OMG....check out the line up! I'll endure the crowds to see a bunch of them.
Mark D Plotzky Not bad. Now if they could eliminate the beers and make it family friendly again instead of drunk teenagers and drunk young adults friendly.
Stacy Surman When will you announce who is performing at the Wednesday Nite Live concerts?
Pat Riley All you people complaining that there shouldn't be alcohol at these nights must not know capitalism works
Katie Canfield Ceth I'm gonna be in Bali for the guess who and ziggy marley 🙁
Adrian FIores and the crowd goes mild!
Eddie Cee Hmmm......
Maria C De Castro Amazing line up wish my daughter could go
Lynn Jackson Another MEH season.
Reyna Salsera Bachatera so excited, sharing
Debbie Vingo meh 🙁
Alessandro De Sa Guimaraes Felippe Fontanetta Joao De Leon reggae royalty in the houuuuse
Ashley Zarrella Carlos Alexia Sarah Michelle
Susy Zinicola Theresa Evans
Jennifer Gendreau Nicole Slabicki Kane
Alan Newton Tomo Kuromatsu, Ree Mac?
Stamford Downtown
Stamford Downtown3 weeks ago

Beef! It's what's for lunch...at @bistronomie_stamford! #stamforddowntown #thisistheplace

Stamford Downtown
Stamford Downtown3 weeks ago

Mill River Park & Greenway is hosting their annual gala this Thursday, May 4! Join them for the first ever Mill River Park After Hours event, the Funky Dawgz Brass Band will keep you dancing the night away in the Brownstein | Selkowitz Carousel Pavilion!...

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