Stamford Downtown Special Services District
Five Landmark Square, Suite 110
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 348-5285
Fax: (203) 348-6857


Staff-Crop (Small)


STAMFORD DOWNTOWN STAFF:  Front row from left to right: Annette Einhorn, Lynne Colatrella, Sandy Goldstein, John Ruotolo, Jacqueline R. Wetenhall

Back row from left to right: Daniel Raymer, Kate Cook, Cheryl Vukelic, Marion Glowka, Maryann Rockwood

Stamford Downtown Staff

Sandy Goldstein

Vice President, Operations
Michael Moore

John Ruotolo

Vice President, Retail Development
Jacqueline R. Wetenhall

Sr. Manager, Operations
Cheryl Vukelic

Manager, Retail & Operations
Marisa Rogo

Streetscape Coordinator
Joanne Parsons

Vice President, Events & Marketing
Lynne Colatrella

Director, Events & Marketing
Annette R. Einhorn

Manager, Events & Marketing
Kate Cook

Executive Administrator/Notary Public
Maryann Rockwood


STAMFORD DOWNTOWN BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS: Front row from left to right: Marjan Murray, Steven Wise, Mayor David R. Martin, Sandy Goldstein, Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr., Greg Caggainello, Sr., Dan Stolzenbach Second row from left to right: Robert H. Kahn, Gregory Lodato, Frank J. Mercede, Carl Bildner, Michael D. Larobina, Esq., Sol A. Levitin, Norman Lotstein, Dr. Sharon J. White, Diana Lenkowsky, Jackie Lightfield, Msgr. Stephen DiGiovanni Third row from left to right: Fernando Luis Alvarez, Brett Wilderman, Randall M. Skigen, Thomas Madden, Robert Karp, George Boyce, Russ Hollander, Keith Grabow Missing from Photograph: Ralph Blessing, Troy Burk, Terrence Cheng, Jack Condlin, Paul Dillane, Stephen J. Hoffman, Dr. Tommie Jackson, Greg Jones, Alice S. Knapp, Michael Marchetti, Robert Musumeci, Michael Pollard, Randall M. Salvatore, Paul Senecal, Tracie Wilson


Stamford Downtown Board of Commissioners

Chairman: Reyno A. Giallongo, Jr.
Vice Chairman: Greg Caggainello
Treasurer: Dan Stolzenbach
Secretary: Keith Grabow

Immediate Past Chairman: Randall M. Salvatore

Mgr. Stephen DiGiovanni

Norman Lotstein